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Ned Baxter
Ned baxter profile
Name in Japanese ネッド•バックスター
Romaji Translation Neddo Bakkusutā
Debut (Anime) Gosick Episode 02
Debut (Light Novel) GosickS Volume 01
Appears in Anime, Light Novels
Voice Actor (Japanese) Kenji Nojima
Personal Info
Gender Male
Place of Birth Britain
Profession Stage actor
Status Deceased

Ned Baxter (ネッド•バックスター Neddo Bakkusutā), born Huey, is a British stage actor and a participant in the "Running of the Hares" event organized before the start of the First World War. He initially introduces himself as an ally for the survivors of the most recent incarnation of the said event ten years later, but later returns to his true colors.

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