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Maxim profile
Name in Japanese マクシム
Romaji Translation Makushimu
Debut (Anime) Gosick Episode 04
Appears in Anime, Light Novels
Voice Actor (Japanese) Kyousuke Suzuki
Personal Info
Gender Male
Profession Professional thief (as Kuiaran)
Affiliation/s Saint Marguerite Academy (former student)
Status Deceased (Eight years prior to story)

Maxim (マクシム Makushimu) is a graduate of Saint Marguerite Academy. He later becomes known throughout Europe as "Phantom Thief Kuiaran", a professional thief that has been elusive to the authorities until his disappearance.

No one knew where he was last seen throughout that period, but Kazuya Kujō and Cecile Lafitte later discover his remains inside a crypt, where he is seen fully decomposed. He originated the story of the "Dark Reaper," as he would always return to Saint Marguerite Academy in Spring.


  • Maxim's pseudonym might actually be spelled as Ciarán.

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