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"Kuiaran the Second"
Gosick ep05 16m 43
Name in Japanese クィアラン
Romaji Translation Kuiaran
Debut (Anime) Gosick Episode 04 (as Avril Bradley)
Debut (Light Novel) GosickS Volume I
Debut (Manga) Chapter 03
Appears in Light Novels, Manga, Anime, Audio CD
Voice Actor (Japanese) Satsuki Yukino (Audio CD)
Megumi Toyoguchi (Anime)
Personal Info
Gender Female
Profession Professional Thief
Status Incarcerated

"Kuiaran the Second" is a professional thief and the self-proclaimed successor to the title "Kuiaran". She travels to Sauville to trace the location of a highly-valued stamp called "Penny Black", and poses as Avril Bradley to extract further information about it.

She is also famous for her interest in the supernatural, and is the creator of various urban myths like "The Thirteenth Step to Heaven" and "The Reaper Who Comes in Spring".

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