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Jupiter Roget
President of the Science Academy
Gosick ep21 13m 32s
Name in Japanese ジュピター・ロジェ
Romaji Translation Jupitā Roje
Debut (Anime) Gosick Episode 15
Debut (Light Novel) Volume IV
Appears in Anime, Light Novels
Voice Actor (Japanese) Unshou Ishizuka
Personal Info
Gender Male
Place of Birth Kingdom of Saillune
Profession President, Royal Science Academy of Sauville
Status Active

Jupiter Roget (ジュピター・ロジェ, Jupitā Roje) is the current president of the Science Academy of Sauville. He has worked with Brian Roscoe at one time in constructing a device that would advance the field of engineering, and in the past, has seen the alchemist Leviathan in person.

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