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Julie Guile
Julie guile profile
Name in Japanese ジュリー•ガイル
Romaji Translation Jurii Gairu
Debut (Anime) Gosick Episode 02
Debut (Light Novel) GosickS Volume I
Appears in Light Novels, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Junko Noda
Personal Info
Gender Female
Place of Birth Sauville
Profession No Profession
Status Incarcerated

Julie Guile (ジュリー•ガイル, Jurī Gairu), born Alex, was one of the original children aboard the Queen Berry. She came along with the others and helped fake the Queen Berry's situation once again.

Appearance and Personality

Julie is a tall slender woman. She has long wavy black hair and grayish pupils, and wears a fancy red dress.


She appears as one of the passengers of the cruise ship that Victorique de Blois and Kazuya Kujo boarded in behalf of the deceased fortune-teller Roxane.


  • Carries a gun within her purse.
  • Is friends with Lee, one of the original children whom she accompanied on the Queen Berry.
  • Julie is 175 cm (5 foot 9) and 180 cm (5 foot 11) with heels.
  • In a flashback in episode 19, Julie is in the same psychiatric hospital as Victorique's mother, Cordelia. Cordelia interferes when a nurse tries to take away Lee's necklace.

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