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Gosick ep07 02m 55s
Name in Japanese ハーマイニア
Romaji Translation Hāmainia
Debut (Anime) Gosick Episode 07
Debut (Light Novel) Volume II
Appears in Light Novels, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Houko Kuwashima
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 26
Place of Birth Kingdom of Saillune
Profession Chambermaid
Affiliation/s Village of the Gray Wolves (inhabitant)
Status Deceased

Harminia (ハーマイニア, Hāmainia) is a chambermaid that works with the family of the leader of the Village of the Gray Wolves.

She becomes involved in the murder of Elder Theodore, an incident which tarnished the name of Cordelia Gallo, a fellow maid who is exiled in a crime that she did not commit.


Like most of the inhabitants of the Village of the Gray Wolves, she has long blond hair and green eyes. She arranges her hair into two long braids which is formed into a bun in each side of her face.

As a chambermaid, she is always seen wearing a dark blue dress with a white collar.


Gosick ep07 03m 39s

Most of the time, Harminia is quiet and has a blank expression in her face.

Harminia possesses the characteristics of an unstable mentality, breaking into fits of hysteria whenever she is reminded of the murder of Elder Theodore and/or Cordelia Gallo herself. Otherwise, she is a quiet young woman who spoke very rarely to strangers.



  • She was loved by Ambrose, and returned the feelings,
  • Harminia is 165 cm (5 foot 4) and 168 cm (5 foot 5) with shoes.

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